Concert Stages and Bleachers in Demand

Published: 25th September 2008
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Let's face it, not every major concert, sports or corporate event can be easily handled by a company's staff. Organizing such events with a large volume of audiences expected to attend often proves to be a tough challenge especially when they venue is in areas outside of that company's home base. But thanks to some business oriented people with creative minds, they have come up with solutions to problems of event organizers notably concerning stages and bleachers.

The Stage:

Concerts especially by popular artists, sports events and corporate road shows are always crowd drawers. These events normally held in big and wide venues such as open fields and sports stadiums require big stages and bleachers to accommodate thousands of spectators.

For music concerts, in particular, stages need not only be wide but high as well. The wide space is to accommodate the live band and allow the artist and backup dancers to freely move around. A high stage is also necessary for security purposes notably to prevent fans from going on stage while the artist is performing.

Apart from the performers, the sound, lighting and video equipment have to be taken into consideration as well as they are vital components of any major event. They have to be provided with proper shelter to protect them from harmful elements such as rain, dust, dirt and heat. Temporary stages with roofs are most ideal for these state-of-the-art equipment.

Stages can either be the open type or with roof depending on the time of the event and of course, the weather. They need to be strong enough to hold the lighting and audio equipment needed especially when the concert or other event is held after dark.

Mobile stages are the trend today. They are ideal for various types of events and can be set up in just 30 minutes. They also come in different sizes such as those measuring 32 feet wide and 40 feet wide.

The bleacher:

Bleachers are great for both major and minor events in that they allow the audience to have a clear view of what's going on the stage or the venue. They are ideal for golf tournaments, concerts, parades and other special as well as sport events.

While they used to be made of wood, bleachers are now made from aluminum and thus, sturdier in accommodating audiences. Depending on the event, they also come in different styles.

Mobile bleachers can seat from 180 to 300 people. They are usually portable and easy to set up. And with the latest technology, these bleachers have even become automated in that they can unfold and used right away with just a push of button.

For your concert stages and bleacher requirements, your most reliable and professional source is Brown United. Since 1958, the company has been involved various major concert tours such as those of Elton John, Garth Brooks and Billy Graham and its clients rely on John Brown's firm for its quality service.

Apart from concerts, it also provides concert and sound stages and bleachers for sports events, television studios and permanent builders. Each year, Brown United accommodates approximately 800 events. Among its recent projects include the Pirates Premier seating and screen support, X-Games scaffolding and seating, California Philharmonic Orchestra and the NBA Jam Allstar game.

Mark Saunders is a business executive and writer who has attended numerous corporate shows and other sports and entertainment events. He suggests checking out the site for the stages, bleachers and scaffolding requirements of companies and concert producers planning to hold special events.

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